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Starter for ten

Students from the School of Mathematics are competing in the Hiscox University Data Challenge, a nationwide analytical competition set up to explore how data can be used to solve real world problems that affect the insurance industry. The ten member team includes MSc Data Science and Analytics student Ruzi, mathematics PhD students Lukas and Zeyu, and students from the University’s School of Geography and Business School.

The challenge is an exciting opportunity for our students to showcase their analytical and problem-solving skills by coming up with creative solutions to a series of challenges set by Hiscox. Hiscox hopes the results of the challenge will improve its understanding of how big data analysis can transform the insurance industry.

The team has already completed task 1, which saw them model the causes of railroad accidents in America, identify factors that may increase liability, and derive suggestions to reduce incidence rate.

For their second task, the team will consider the factors behind the success of start-up companies. For instance, is there a ‘Silicon Valley’ effect? The solutions to this challenge are due shortly.

The Leeds team is competing against teams from the University of York and London School of Economics. Each team is provided with a dedicated Hiscox analyst and has the opportunity to network with Hiscox’s underwriters and analysts. The solutions the teams submit are presented to a senior team at Hiscox.

Good luck to the University of Leeds team!