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Georgina Bedenham

Analyst at Lloyds Banking Group

Where did you do your industrial placement?
My placement was at Lloyds Banking Group in Leeds. I was working as an analyst in the Basel Modelling Team within the wider team of Retail Credit Risk.

How did that placement come about?
I attended a Year in Industry Talk put on by the Maths department in my second year. At the talk a representative from the Credit Risk department at Lloyds did a presentation which got me interested in the role. Later, I went on to the Leeds University Careers Centre website and saw the job vacancy on there so applied that way. The application process for Lloyds was very simple and wasn’t made up of many stages.

What was the best thing about the placement?
Firstly the people, my team were so friendly and really sociable. I helped form and chair the social committee while I was there and this gave me the opportunity to meet and make friends with so many people. Also the training and development at Lloyds was brilliant. Acquiring technical skills in computer programming and Excel was so useful for my future career prospects.

Did you find anything particularly challenging during your year in industry?
At first I found it difficult to pick up the technical side to the role. There was a lot of new terminology and applications that I needed to learn very quickly so it was quite a steep learning curve. Also, working to tight deadlines could be quite stressful especially when someone senior was expecting something that you were producing, however this became something that I got used to quite quickly.

What skills did you gain?
I gained so many valuable skills during my placement. Firstly there are the technical skills such as computer programming and Excel which look excellent on my CV. Also there are the soft skills I have learnt such as communication skills and business awareness. At Lloyds they were very proactive in my development and a key area that I lacked in at first was confidence, so I was given so many opportunities to give presentations and lead meetings that I now feel comfortable in any business situation.
Do you feel that this placement has helped your employability and future career aspects?
This placement has definitely improved my employability, my CV is now so much stronger than it was a year ago and I now have lots of relevant experience when it comes to job applications. When I have competency interviews I can now give lots of good examples using my industrial placement experience. Also, Lloyds offered me a job at the end of my placement so I already have a career prospect for the future.

Do you have any tips or advice to give students thinking about doing an industrial placement?

My biggest tip would be to take part in as much as possible during your placement. I made sure if there were any projects or extra initiatives available, such as the social committee, that I took part. This ensured I built up lots of contacts within the business and gained exposure to senior members of the team.