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Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

Dr Richard Elwes
Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

The job of Admissions Tutor is to coordinate the admissions cycle, from running Open Days and chatting to potential applicants, to assessing UCAS forms and making offers. 

I am also involved in several aspects of teaching here in the School of Mathematics, and have lectured various courses from Number Theory to the History of Mathematics. My research interests are also rather varied, and include questions from logic and trying to predict the outcome of random processes.

I love talking about mathematics and regularly speak to audiences of school students as well as the general public.  I also enjoy writing, and am the author of five books on mathematics.

Undergraduate Admission Tutor

Dr Margit Messmer 
Undergraduate Admissions Tutor

My role is to support the admissions processes, such as Open Days, chatting to potential applicants, reading UCAS forms, and making offers.

In my previous role as Director of Student Education in the School of Mathematics I was involved in all aspects of teaching, programme and curriculum design, and student support.

As a Principle Teaching Fellow I teach maths modules at different levels and run some non-standard modules such as Maths into School and Maths at Work. My interests lie in non-traditional forms of lecturing, such as flipped classroom methods. I enjoy sparking students’ mathematical interests, and guiding them in their independent exploration of the rich world of maths.

Olivia Rumble
Undergraduate Admissions Officer/Student Ambassador Co-ordinator

I ensure that your admissions process to the School of Mathematics runs smoothly. I send you offer letters and invite you to visit us on one of our Post Application Visit Days.  I also help with the organisation of any visits to us, gathering qualification information and communicating decisions to UCAS.

Alongside this I am the Student Ambassador Co-ordinator for the School of Mathematics. I am in ongoing communication with our current students providing them with opportunities to be a part of our Open Days and Post Application Visit Days, where they have the opportunity to meet our applicants going through the UCAS process, and give an insight into their life so far in Leeds and their experience of being a part of the School of Mathematics.

Jeanne Shuttleworth
Student Education Service Officer

As a member of the Mathematics Undergraduate Admissions Team, you can contact me if you have any questions about the admissions process.  I will keep in touch with you by sending offer letters and invitations to visit us on one of our Post Application Visit Days.  I also help with the organisation of any visits to us, gathering qualification information, communicating decisions to UCAS and liaising with applicants and staff to ensure you experience a great welcome when you start your studies at the School of Mathematics at Leeds.