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Undergraduate mathematics degrees

Our undergraduate maths courses give you lots of control over what to study and how to specialise.

We’ll also give you the chance to study abroad or do a work experience placement.

There’s plenty of courses for you to choose from, including business-related maths courses, statistics courses, and other areas of mathematical studies.

We’ll help you to follow your career ambitions, and the range of skills that you’ll develop during a degree in mathematics will boost your future employability.

CourseLengthUCAS codeTypical offer
Mathematics (MMath,BSc)4 yearsG101AAA
Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsG100AAA
Mathematics with Finance
Mathematics with Finance (BSc)3 yearsG1N3AAA
Actuarial Mathematics
Actuarial Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsNG31AAA
Mathematical Studies
Mathematical Studies (BSc)3 yearsG150AAA
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics and Statistics (MMath,BSc)4 yearsGG1HAAA
Mathematics and Statistics (BSc)3 yearsGG13AAA
Mathematics Joint Honours
Biology and Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsCG11AAB
Economics and Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsGL11AAA
Management and Mathematics (BSc)          3 yearsGN12AAA
Mathematics and Music (BSc)3 yearsGW13AAB


In addition to the joint honours courses detailed above, there are a number of other courses where mathematics is combined with other subjects. These additional courses are parented by other schools across the University and are listed below;

CourseLengthUCAS codeTypical offer
Other subjects
Chemistry and Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsFG11AAA
French and Mathematics (BSc)4 yearsGR11AAB
German and Mathematics (BSc)4 yearsGR12AAB
Natural Sciences (MNatSci, BSc)4 yearsBCF0A*AA
Mathematics and Philosophy (BSc)3 yearsGVC5AAB
Theoretical Physics (MPhys)4 yearsF340AAA
Computer Science with Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsG4G1AAB


Your course. Your choice.

The great thing about studying maths at Leeds is the huge amount of choice that comes with many of our courses.

As one of the UK’s biggest maths departments, our BSc and MMath Mathematics courses can offer you a large range of optional modules, spanning from transformation geometry and graph theory, to cosmology and Bayesian statistics.

All our maths courses also give you the chance to do a study abroad year, or a work experience placement.

Great careers in mathematics

More than 97% of people who study a degree in mathematics with us find a job or start further study within six months of graduating.

The city of Leeds is a major financial services and business hub, making it a great place for mathematicians to study and start a rewarding career. You might start your own company, or go on to work in a whole range of industries such as engineering, teaching and software development. 

Study maths in a modern environment

Our School of Mathematics building has recently had a facelift, creating a fresh, contemporary and student-friendly learning space. There are areas for both socialising and studying, so it’s a relaxed atmosphere and somewhere that you’ll enjoy spending your time.

Exceptional student support during your maths degree

We aim to give you the best possible support during your maths degree. Our teaching is rated as excellent, and our team is friendly and approachable.

You’ll mostly study maths through lectures, supported by small group sessions where you’ll meet with tutors and fellow students two or three times a week.

Choose BSc or MMath degree

Some of our maths degree courses are available as a three-year BSc degree, or a four-year MMath integrated masters degree. An integrated masters is a four-year degree that extends your studies to masters level, enhancing your career prospects or setting you up to pursue a PhD.

If you’re interested in learning more about maths or if you want to use maths at a higher level in your career, the MMath could be the right choice for you.

Hear from our students

Luke Turner

BSc Mathematics and Management

"The University of Leeds really is fantastic and choosing to come here has been one of the best decisions of my life."


Our statistics courses are accredited by the Royal Statistical Society (RSS).

Studying a course accredited by the RSS is the first step towards achieving ‘Chartered Statistician’ status. 

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