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Programme 2016



22 February


19 March

Be Curious
Martin Lopez-Garcia

7 - 15 April

SUPOLEN project meetings
Daniel Read

11 May

Big Data Analytics workshop
Arief Gusnanto

12 May

CoSyDy (Complex Systems Dynamics) network meeting on 'Dynamics of Agent-Based Models'
Jonathan Ward

13 - 14 May

Classical and Quantum Integrability Workshop
Allan Fordy

18 May

Loeb Lecture
Stan Wainer

8 June

Yorkshire Durham Geometry Day
Derek Harland

14 June

Mathematics of Energy Management workshop
Jan Palczewski

14 June

Inaugural Lecture by Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat

20 June

Leeds Logic Day
Anton Freund

24 June

Workshop on Algebraic curves, special functions, and integrability
Allan Fordy

29 June - 1 July

Sixth Form Conference
Daniel Lesnic

1 July

UKMT Teacher Meetings

1 - 2 July

New Perspectives in Representation Theory
Oleg Chalykh

5 - 8 July

Modelling Topological Phases of Matter
Zoltan Kadar

18 - 22 July

Representation Theory and Physics
Oliver King, Paul Martin and Alison Parker

27 - 29 July

Workshop on Categorical Logic and Univalent Foundations
Nicola Gambino

27 - 29 July

Workshop on Model theory of finite and pseudofinite structures
Dugald Macpherson, Gwyneth Shermoen and Dario Garcia

31 July - 6 August

Logic Colloquium
Nicola Gambino

1 - 2 September

Meeting in memory of Charles Read
Jonathan Partington

1 - 3 September

Matrix Conference (with Maths World UK)
Ruth Holland

17 September

Directions in Computability Theory: Meeting in memory of Barry Cooper
Charles Harris, John Truss and Stan Wainer

19 September

Topics in SDEs and their links to (S)PEs
Elena Issoglio

24 - 26 October

Stochastic analysis of dynamical systems, stochastic control and games
Tiziano De Angelis and Alexander Veretennikov

16 November

Yorkshire and Midlands Category Theory Seminar (YaMCATS) day
Nicola Gambino



Programme 2015



8 – 9 January

QOP Network Meeting
Matt Daws 

7 May

Yorkshire and Midlands Category Theory Seminar (YaMCATS)
Nicola Gambino

15 – 16 May

CQI Workshop
Allan Fordy

23 June

Teachers Conference
Daniel Lesnic

24 – 26 June

Sixth Form Conference
Daniel Lesnic

30 June – 2 July

33rd LASR Workshop
Kanti Mardia, Arief Gusnanto

6 - 11 September 

STFC 2015 Advanced Summer School in Solar System Physics
David Hughes

25 September 2015

Leeds York Lie Theory meeting
Alison Parker

6 November 2015

Probability in the North-East
Martin Lopez-Garcia



Programme 2014



13 - 15 January

British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference
Daniel Wood, Robert Barham, Joel Nagloo, Lovkush Agarwal, Ricardo Bello Aguirre, Davide Penazzi

24 January

Yorkshire-Durham Geometry Day
Martin Speight, John Wood

22 March

Early Careers Mathematicians Conference

29 March

Lancashire-Yorkshire Model Theory Seminar
Will Anscombe

23 April

Patterns, Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications Meeting
Alastair Rucklidge

16 - 17 May

Classical and Quantum Integrability Workshop
Allan Fordy

9 June

LMS Meeting: Probability and Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis
Vladimir Kisil

27 June

Teachers and Advisors Conference
Daniel Lesnic

14 - 18 July

CliMathNet Conference
Stephen Griffiths

4 - 8 August

Leonid Bogachev

22 September

LMS Inverse Day on "Tomographic Reconstructions from Boundary Data"
Daniel Lesnic



Programme 2013



30 January

John Derrick memorial event
Michael Rathjen

6 March

Yorkshire and Durham Geometry Day
Martin Speight

15 - 16 March

Leeds Workshop on Classical and Quantum Integrability entitled “Integrable Algorithms: New Frontiers in Numerical Analysis”
Allan Fordy

19 March

British Inverse Problems Workshop
Daniel Lesnic

9 - 12 April

British Applied Mathematics Colloquium 2013
Oliver Harlen, David Hughes, Rob Sturman

5 June

CoSyDy Meeting
Mauro Mobilia

1 - 2 July

Mini Workshop on Quantum Computing: a Quantum Group Approach
Zoltan Kadar

2 - 4 July

32nd LASR Workshop
Arief Gusnanto, Kanti Mardia, Jochen Voss

11 - 13 September

Workshop on Mirror Symmetry and Cluster Algebras
Joseph Grant, Robert Marsh, Alison Parker, Konstanze Rietsch

23 - 24 September

QOP Meeting on "Quantum (semi)groups and (co)actions"
Matthew Daws

24 September

Subjective inference and uncertainty quantification meeting
John Paul Gosling

Programme 2012



2 March

CoSyDy Meeting on "Evolution and Diversity in Complex Systems"
Mauro Mobilia

1 - 6 July

13th Symposium of SEDI (Study of the Earth's Deep Interior)

3 - 5 July

31st LASR Workshop
Arief Gusnanto, Kanti Mardia, Jochen Voss

24 - 28 September

Conference on "Differential and Difference Equations, Integrable Systems, Model Theory"
Frank Nijhoff, Anand Pillay

24 November

Leeds-Manchester Model Theory Workshop
Davide Penazzi


Programme 2011



Jan - March     

The Intersection of Representation Theory and Physics
Paul Martin, Algebra Group

19 - 21 January

British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference
David Bradley-Williams, Charlotte Kestner, Alexandra Omar Aziz, Davide Penazzi
Franziska Jahnke (University of Oxford)

6 - 7 June

Fifth Knowledge Transfer Workshop/Sandpit on Inverse Problems in Industry
Daniel Lesnic

7 June

British Inverse Problems Workshop
Daniel Lesnic

26 June - 2 July

Second MALOA Training Workshop
Emma Jones and Dugald Macpherson

4 - 5 July

Eighth UK Conference on Boundary Integral Methods
Daniel Lesnic, Lionel Elliott, Derek B.Ingham

4 - 29 July

Gauge Theory and Complex Geometry
Roger Bielawski

5 - 7 July

30th LASR Workshop
Arief Gusnanto, Kanti Mardia and Jochen Voss

19 - 22 July

LMS Northern Regional Meeting and Workshop on Homogeneous Structures
John Truss and Dugald Macpherson

25 - 27 July

17th International Couette-Taylor Workshop
Rainer Hollerbach

Aug - Sept TBC

The Intersection of Representation Theory and Physics
Paul Martin, Algebra Group

Session on Algebraic Theory of Differential and Difference Equations
Integrable Systems group with Anand Pillay

Programme 2010



11 - 12 April

10th Symposium on Topological Quantum Information (joint with Physics)
Barry Cooper, Peter Crompton, Jiannis Pachos (Physics)

13 - 15 April

5th Conference on the Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication and Cryptography (joint with Physics)
Peter Crompton and Viv Kendon (Physics)

13 - 23 April

Workshop on Valuation Rings in Constructive Algebra
(External participants: Professor Ihsen Yengui and Dr Henri Lombardi)
Peter Schuster

17 May - 30 June

Programme on Banach Algebra and Operator Space Techniques in Topological Group Theory
Garth Dales, Matt Daws, Charles Read and David Salinger

20 - 21 May

UK Magnetohydrodynamics Meeting
Rainer Hollerbach

6 - 8 July

Leeds Annual Statistical Research (LASR) Workshop
Chris Fallaize, Arief Gusnanto, Kanti Mardia and Jochen Voss

18 - 23 July 

LMS/EPSRC Short Instructional Course on Model Theory
Dugald Macpherson

6 - 10 September

STFC Introductory Course in Solar System Physics
Steve Tobias and David Hughes

13 - 17 September

I2M Summer School on Theoretical and Experimental Immunology
Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-Paris

3 - 4 December

26th ARTIN Meeting
Yann Palu and Raquel Simoes

Astrophysical fluids programme
Steve Tobias

Programme 2009



11 - 15 May

Algebraic Theory of Difference Equations - satellite workshop of the Isaac Newton Institute
Allan Fordy, Sasha Mikhailov, Frank Nijhoff and Anand Pillay

3 - 16 July

Leeds Symposium on Proof Theory and Constructivism
(Funding awarded from LMS, EPSRC and Goedel Society)
Laura Crosilla, Michael Rathjen and Stan Wainer

26 - 31 July

Short Instructional Course: Geometry, Field Theory
& Solitons
  (Funded by LMS and EPSRC)
Roger Bielawski and Martin Speight

31 August - 4 September

Summer School of the BBSRC MATSYB Network
I2M: Immunology, Imaging and Modelling
Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-Pari

Inaugural Lectures

To celebrate the start of the first full year of operation of the RVC, there was an afternoon of lectures on Wednesday 30 September 2009 in the School of Mathematics.
Lectures were given by Professor Keith Moffatt, Professor Caroline Series and Professor David Spiegelhalter.
Click here for the programme and more information.