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Programme 2017



25 - 27 January                  

British Postgraduate Model Theory Conference
Erick Garcia Ramirez, Carolyn Barker, Asma Almazaydeh, Rosario Mennuni, Daoud Siniora, and Dario Garcia Rico   

11 March

LYMOTS (Lancashire Yorkshire model theory seminar) one-day meeting
Dugald Macpherson

30 March

LMS workshop on Spectral Geometry
Gerasim Kokarev

27 April

PiNE meeting on "Interdisciplinary Applications of Stochastic Processes: Health & Disease and Finance" (pdf of programme)
Tiziano De Angelis, Martin Lopez-Garcia

3 May

Yorkshire Durham Geometry Day
Derek Harland

12 -13 May

Workshop on Symmetries in Classical and Quantum Integrable Systems
Allan Fordy

2 - 3 June

21st UK Meeting on Integrable Models, Conformal Field Theory and Related Topics
Vincent Caudrelier, Oleg Chalykh

14 June

Yorkshire and Midlands Category Theory Seminar (YaMCATS) day
Nicola Gambino

26 - 28 June

LASR Workshop
Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat, Kanti Mardia, Ellen Thomassen, Hae-Won Uh

27 June

Teachers Conference
Daniel Lesnic

28 - 30 June

Sixth Form Conference
Daniel Lesnic

18 July

Workshop on Inverse Problems for the Heat Equation
Daniel Lesnic

4 - 8 September

Research Week and Conference
Jan Palczewski, Tiziano De Angelis