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Rob Sturman

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Rob Sturman
"Exploiting ideas from chaos theory to mix fluids efficiently has a large range of applications throughout engineering. Understanding the mathematical details of this process, for example how fast or how well a device mixes, is a challenge. I use the ergodic theory of dynamical systems to investigate this."

Pure Mathematics

Pure mathematics

The Department of Pure Mathematics is one of the largest and most active centres for pure mathematics research in the UK with research groups of international standing in four of the most vital areas of mathematics.

There is extensive interaction between these research groups, and with the Departments of Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

The Department hosts the Leeds Algebra Group and Leeds Logic Group which are recognised as ‘Gold Peaks of Excellence’ within the University. These peaks reflect the wealth of expertise, external recognition and reputation for international excellence and world-leading research in the Department.

There are weekly seminars for research students across algebraic, geometric, functional analysis and logic disciplines. As well as these weekly seminars there is a less specialised Departmental Colloquium which meets once or twice a term, and a weekly seminar course each year in each of the four major research areas.