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Mathematical Logic

Mathematical Logic

Mathematical logic, a young subject, has developed over the last 20 years into an amalgam of fast-moving disciplines, each with its own sophisticated techniques. These are linked by profound common concerns, around definability, decidability and (feasible) computability, the nature of the continuum, foundations. Some branches are highly multidisciplinary, and force the researcher to be fully conversant with other fields (e.g. algebra, computer science).

Research areas

The Leeds Logic Group is one of the largest and most active in Europe, with an international reputation for research in several of the main areas of mathematical logic - computability theory, model theory, set theory and foundations, proof theory, and in applications to algebra, analysis and theoretical computer science.

The group has been very successful in obtaining EPSRC and EU support for Research Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows, and has been the focus of extensive international collaboration via various research projects and networks in proof theory, computability theory and model theory. Our past postgraduates and researchers have been very successful in moving to research or teaching positions in Mathematics and Computer Science departments around the world.

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