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John Wood

Professor of Pure Mathematics

John Wood
"I work in differential geometry studying harmonic maps: transformations of Riemannian manifolds which extremize a natural energy functional and include geodesics and minimal surfaces; and harmonic morphisms: mappings of Riemannian manifolds which preserve solutions of Laplace's equation and relate to complex structures and the shear-free ray congruences of Mathematical Physics."

Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics

Much of applied mathematics is concerned with solving challenging equations that describe interesting and important problems, and there is ample scope for a wide range of appealing PhD topics.

As well as conducting research in the foundations of applied mathematics, the Department also undertakes research in a variety of multidisciplinary settings. It has excellent connections with many other disciplines, including pure mathematics and statistics within the School of Mathematics, and astronomy, biology, computer science, earth sciences, engineering, environment, food science and physics within the University, as well as links with industry.