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Sukanya Bhandary

MSc Statistics

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?
I really liked the course structure for MSc Statistics here, it isn’t just theoretical but also practical which means that it helps you in the corporate world when you go into a job. It had a lot of practical work which helps to understand how the theoretical work is put into practise. So I like the course structure, it was very interesting.

Where did you do your undergraduate degree?
I am from India and I did my undergraduate degree in Calcutta. So, it was my first time living in the UK.

And how did you find it living here?
Really nice, the people are very helpful and the teachers are very friendly. It’s been a good experience. I have also made some good friends here, we went out together and went to parties, we had get-togethers and so yes it was really fun. So yes I will miss the University when I leave.

How did you find the facilities?

They were very different to India. I’ve never had so much available, like printing and the library. The library is such a plus point because the University of Calcutta doesn’t have such a good library as here. Whatever books you need, you can find them here.

What are your plans for the future?

Well I have a job in Edinburgh which is due to start in January. The role is as a Credit-Risk Analyst in the Royal Bank of Scotland. Doing this Masters really helped with getting the job a lot because in the interview they asked me about technical questions and it was very easy to understand because of the practical element here. So, I am planning to re-locate to Edinburgh and I have already found somewhere to live. So I just need to sort my visa out now.

Would you recommend the course to others?
Yes, surely. I enjoyed the topics such as Risk Management and Stochastic Modelling because they are really useful in real-life. The other universities I looked at didn’t offer this practical element.