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Jodie Cullum

MSc Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?
Originally I am from Norfolk and I did my undergraduate degree at the University of East Anglia. Primarily I looked at Leeds for the course and then I came up for an open day and I liked the people and the department and so I made the decision to come and study here.

What made you choose to do a Masters?
I enjoyed my undergraduate degree and I wanted to do further study in Maths and the opportunity to do specialise in Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics was a good one, giving me chance to study more in depth within this field. I did some modules in environmental science during my undergraduate studies at UEA which stimulated my interest in this  particular research area.

Is there anything which has surprised you about the Masters?
I was surprised by the high standard of teaching. All of my lecturers are good teachers and are all very approachable with any problems; and are all very willing to help you.

So what kind of subject areas have you been studying?
The course covers modules in both the School of Maths and also the School of Earth and Environment. So, it has been really good to have the links between the two, looking at a subject from two different perspectives and linking the two together. I have also found that I can link it into my undergraduate studies as well.

What university social/sporting activities have you become involved in during your spare time?

I play badminton at a club on a weekly basis and I am also involved in Action which is the volunteering society which is based in Leeds University Union. So, I have been involved in trips taking a group of young people out which has been good fun.

What would you say to other students thinking of studying Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics?
If you are interested in that field and have enjoyed your undergraduate studies in that field then go for it, it’s a good choice, in a good uni with a good maths department.