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Jack Wood

MSc Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?
I am from Leeds originally and  I did my undergraduate in Edinburgh and so I decide to come back to where I am from to do my Masters.

What made you decide to study for this course in particular?

I studied Pure Maths at Edinburgh and in my fourth year I did some modules in modelling fluids and motion flow and numerical methods and so I was a bit stuck as to what to do for my Masters and so I thought that these were the modules which I found interesting and so that was why headed towards this research area.

So part of the course is in School of Mathematics and one module is in the School of Earth and Environment?
It’s nice to have the change of going to the School of Earth and Environment and it is more hands-on than in Maths. So the other day, for example, we were doing a practical in a lab watching waves propagate in a big tank, which you would never get the chance to see in mathematics because you don’t really get to see things being applied. So, that was quite interesting, seeing the real-life examples. I also really like the maths as well though, looking at the more theoretical side of it.

Where do you hope to end up after the Masters?
Well, I am quite enjoying the course at the moment and so I am thinking about applying for a PhD but I would only be able to do that if I got some funding and so I will have to do well in the exams. Otherwise I have been looking into getting jobs working for the Met Office or some private forecasters or British Antarctic Survey. So I’m still deciding really.  

How have you found student life at Leeds?
As I am living at home I wouldn’t say that it is a typical student life I am living but I am still getting a good taste of it. I have joined some clubs in the Union, doing cross-country and orienteering as well. So that’s been good and I have met some new people but it’s not like when you are an undergrad living in a house of students, totally immersed in the student life.

When you look back what will be the best parts of studying here?
I have really enjoyed the course, the way all the different modules come together. You get lots of different perspectives on similar ideas which is really interesting. The teaching has been really good, the lecturers have been really good and have been enthusiastic about the subject which makes you want to do it because sometimes maths lectures can be quite dry. I have been really impressed with the lecturers and they have been very inspiring.