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Cong Chen

PhD Pure Mathematics

What made you decide to come to Leeds to do your PhD, did you do your undergraduate studies here?
I did my undergraduate degree at Cambridge. Leeds has the appropriate specialists in logic which is what I wanted to study.

What makes logic so interesting for you?
The questions are very elementary to states and so it really is just something which I am interested in. I have always been interested in mathematics and in my undergraduate studies I focused on pure mathematics.

How have you found the academic staff so far? Do you have a lot of contact with them?
I have contact with my supervisor, some other academic staff and my PhD peers in seminars but apart from that I haven’t had much contact. The support is definitely there when I need it.

How does student experience compare with undergraduate?
There is some more freedom and it’s just very convenient to be able to choose what you are interested in without having to pay much attention to what is on offer.

How much free time do you have?
I have plenty of free time and one of my hobbies is cooking and I do really appreciate the shopping opportunities and cheap food available in Leeds.

What have been your greatest challenges so far?
I am preparing some research for potential publication and for that I need to look more into the background and less into the research which is a bit different from what I am used to.

What would say to other people who are thinking of doing a PhD?
Definitely do it, it’s very fulfilling. Leeds has a dozen research groups, if you want to do one of those then it has a lot of staff dedicated to those areas of research, if you don’t then look elsewhere. Leeds is very strong in these areas.

What are you thinking of doing at the end of your PhD?
I will be applying for postdocs and the like. I am interested in staying in academia.