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Building 84A - School of Mathematics unless otherwise indicated
ECS - E.C.Stoner (73)
PRD - Physics Research Deck (69)
SAT - Maths Satellite (73)

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Academic and Research Staff
Visiting Professors
Emeritus Professors and Retired Staff
Administrative and Clerical Staff
UK Maths Trust
Research Postgraduates (Pure | Applied | Statistics)
Academic and Research Staff
Aivaliotis, Dr Georgios351629.311 PRDG.Aivaliotis @
Aykroyd, Dr Robert G3516710.12 SATR.G.Aykroyd @ Lecturer
Azaele, Dr Sandro386228.14S.Azaele @
Baczkowski, Dr Andrew J3515611.13A.J.Baczkowski @
Barber, Dr Stuart3514610.22 SATS.Barber @ Lecturer
Beaume, Dr Cedric M L3991611.07c.m.l.beaume @
Bogachev, Dr Leonid V349728.39L.V.Bogachev @
Bokhove, Prof Onno397518.04O.Bokhove @ of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
Caudrelier, Dr Vincent395229.304 PRDv.caudrelier @
Chalykh, Dr Oleg351128.07O.Chalykh @
Cooper, Prof S Barry351659.314 PRDS.B.Cooper @ of Pure Mathematics
Crawley-Boevey, Prof William351858.08W.Crawley-Boevey @ of Pure Mathematics
Dallas, Dr Vassilios396289.30V.Dallas @ Newton Fellow
Das, Dr Chinmay3293010.04c.das @ Fellow
De Angelis, Dr Tiziano303929.312 PRDT.DeAngelis @ in Financial / Actuarial Maths
Delgado-Eckert, Dr Edgar3380711.01E.Delgado-Eckert @ Curie Fellow
Elliott, Dr Lionel3512110.27 SATL.Elliott @ in Further Mathematics
Elwes, Dr Richard H3586411.06R.H.Elwes @ Teaching Fellow
Evans, Dr R Mike L358619.310 PRDr.m.l.evans @
Falle, Prof Sam A E G351388.19S.A.E.G.Falle @ of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Fitzgerald, Dr Steven P343319.320 PRDs.p.fitzgerald @
Flood, Dr Stephen P3293010.04s.p.flood @ Fellow
Fordy, Prof Allan P351158.23A.P.Fordy @ of Nonlinear Dynamics
Fryer, Dr Sian3293010.04S.Fryer @ Doctoral Prize Fellow
Fung, Dr James C L396289.30J.C.L.Fung @ Assistant
Gambino, Dr Nicola351439.15n.gambino @ Professor
Gilks, Prof Wally R3511910.26 SATW.R.Gilks @ in Statistical Bioinformatics
Gosling, Dr John Paul307428.37J.P.Gosling @ Professor
Gourgouliatos, Dr Konstantinos396289.30K.N.Gourgouliatos @ Fellow
Griffiths, Dr Stephen D351868.25S.D.Griffiths @
Gusnanto, Dr Arief3513510.14 SATA.Gusnanto @
Hainsworth, Dr Tim J351638.205 PRDT.J.Hainsworth @ Officer
Halupczok, Dr Immanuel375679.06I.Halupczok @
Harland, Dr Derek G351528.06D.G.Harland @ Professor in Geometry
Harlen, Dr Oliver G351899.07O.G.Harlen @ in Applied Mathematics
Harris, Dr Charles316199.29matcmh @ Fellow
Harrison-Shermoen, Dr Gwyneth3293010.04G.Harrison-Shermoen @ Fellow
Hollerbach, Prof Rainer351349.17R.Hollerbach @ in Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
Houston, Dr Kevin351368.20K.Houston @ Lecturer
Houwing-Duistermaat, Prof Jeanine J3982110.13 SATJ.Duistermaat @ in Data Analytics
Hughes, Prof David W351058.16D.W.Hughes @ of Applied Mathematics
Iskauskas, Dr Andrew3293010.04A.Iskauskas @ Assistant
Issoglio, Dr Elena3466011.02E.Issoglio @ in Financial Mathematics
Jones, Prof Chris A351078.32C.A.Jones @ of Applied Nonlinear Dynamics
Kadar, Dr Zoltan3380711.01z.kadar @ Fellow
Kalogirou, Dr Anna396289.30A.Kalogirou @ Fellow
Kelmanson, Prof Mark A3515010.07 SATM.Kelmanson @ of Applied Mathematics
Kent, Prof John T351039.09J.T.Kent @ of Statistics
KersalĂ©, Dr Evy351499.18E.Kersale @
Kessar, Dr Mouloud396289.30M.Kessar @ Fellow
King, Dr Oliver H3380711.01O.H.King @ Fellow
Kisil, Dr Vladimir V351739.321 PRDV.Kisil @ of Applied Analysis
Kliess, Dr Malte S3293010.04M.S.Kliess @ Assistant
Kokarev, Dr Gerasim305999.303 PRDG.Kokarev @
Komissarov, Prof Serguei S3512710.19 SATS.S.Komissarov @ in Applied Mathematics
Kondic, Dr Todor3293010.04T.Kondic @ Fellow
Lesnic, Prof Daniel351818.13D.Lesnic @ in Applied Mathematics
Lopez Garcia, Dr Martin3380711.01M.LopezGarcia @ Fellow
Lythe, Prof Grant D3513210.11 SATG.D.Lythe @ in Applied Mathematics
Macpherson, Prof H Dugald3516610.25 SATH.D.MacPherson @ of Pure Mathematics
Mann, Dr Richard P3898811.09R.P.Mann @ UAF in Data Analytics
Mantova, Dr Vincenzo L316199.29 v.l.mantova @ Fellow
Mardia, Prof Kanti V3510011.12K.V.Mardia @ Research Professor
Marsh, Prof Robert J351648.05R.J.Marsh @ of Pure Mathematics
Martin, Prof Paul P377878.17P.P.Martin @ of Pure Mathematics
Messmer, Dr Margit351048.38M.Messmer @ Teaching Fellow
Mikhailov, Prof Alexander V351769.305 PRDA.V.Mikhailov @ of Mathematical Physics
Mobilia, Dr Mauro3159110.13 SATM.Mobilia @ Professor
Molina-Paris, Prof Carmen3515110.21 SATC.MolinaParis @ in Applied Mathematics
Morrison, Dr Neil F3380711.01N.F.Morrison @ Fellow
Murphy, Dr Graham J3518711.03G.J.Murphy @ Teaching Fellow
Ni, Dr Ji-11.010 @ Fellow
Niesen, Dr Jitse358709.21J.Niesen @
Nijhoff, Prof Frank W351209.08F.W.Nijhoff @ of Mathematical Physics
Palczewski, Dr Jan351808.15J.Palczewski @ Professor in Financial Mathematics
Parker, Dr Alison E351268.28A.E.Parker @
Partington, Prof Jonathan R351239.13J.R.Partington @ of Pure Mathematics
Porth, Dr Oliver396289.30O.Porth @ Fellow
Rathjen, Prof Michael3510910.29 SATM.Rathjen @ of Pure Mathematics
Read, Dr Daniel J3517910.23 SATD.J.Read @
Rucklidge, Prof Alastair M351619.04A.M.Rucklidge @ of Applied Mathematics
Ruijsenaars, Prof Simon351829.14S.Ruijsenaars @ of Mathematical Physics
Sattler, Dr Christian3293010.04C.Sattler @ Fellow
Silantyev, Dr Alexey329308.41A.Silantyev @ Fellow
Speight, Prof J Martin351699.11J.M.Speight @ of Mathematics
Sturman, Dr Rob J351399.24R.Sturman @ Professor
Subramanian, Dr Priya3293010.04P.Subramanian @ Fellow
Swan, Dr Andrew3380711.01A.Swan @ Fellow
Tange, Dr Rudolf H392469.20R.H.Tange @
Taylor, Prof Charles C351688.12C.C.Taylor @ of Statistics
Thwaites, Dr Peter A351888.27P.A.Thwaites @
Tobias, Prof Steven M351728.22S.M.Tobias @ of Applied Mathematics
Truss, Prof John K3512810.17 SATJ.K.Truss @ of Pure Mathematics
Veretennikov, Prof Alexander Yu351838.29A.Veretennikov @ of Statistics
Voss, Dr Jochen3512511.11J.Voss @
Walker, Dr Philip3758511.04P.Walker @ Fellow
Ward, Dr Jonathan A351578.36J.A.Ward @
Wood, Prof John C351068.18J.C.Wood @ of Pure Mathematics
Yang, Dr Chen396289.30C.Yang @ Assistant
Young, Prof Nicholas J-10.11N.J.Young @ Professor
Visiting Professors
Bielawski, Prof Roger--Leibniz University HannoverVisiting Professor
Bowman, Prof Clive--University of ReadingVisiting Professor
Hamelryck, Prof Thomas--University of CopenhagenVisiting Professor
Joshi, Prof Nalini--University of SydneyVisiting Professor
Pillay, Prof Anand--University of Notre Dame, USAVisiting Professor
Proctor, Prof Michael--University of CambridgeVisiting Professor
Thompson, Prof Michael--National Centre for Atmospheric Research, USAVisiting Professor
Vladimirov, Prof Vladimir--University of YorkVisiting Professor
Emeritus Professors and Retired Staff
Brindley, Prof John-10.11J.Brindley @ Professor
Dales, Prof H Garth-10.11H.G.Dales @ Professor of Pure Mathematics
Lance, Prof E Christopher-10.11E.C.Lance @ Professor
Robson, Prof J Chris-10.11J.C.Robson @ Professor
Salinger, Dr David L-10.11D.L.Salinger @
Sleeman, Prof Brian D-10.11B.D.Sleeman @ Professor of Applied Mathematics
Slomson, Dr Alan B-10.11A.Slomson @ Teaching Fellow
Wainer, Prof Stan S-10.11S.S.Wainer @ Professor of Pure Mathematics
Administrative and Clerical Staff
Aslam, Dr Tiffany J307909.05t.j.aslam @ coordinator
Blackburn, Mrs Charlotte339798.34C.L.Blackburn @ Support Officer
Brennan, Ms Jessica M351169.02J.M.Brennan @ Coordinator / Facilities Officer
Clarke, Ms Kirsty J351028.33K.J.Clarke @ Support Officer
Copeland, Ms Helen O W351309.01H.O.W.Copeland @ Assistant
Eastwood, Ms Sheila E3512110.27 SATS.E.Eastwood @ Maths Regional Coordinator
Feaviour, Mrs Louise P314268.43L.P.Feaviour @ Education Service Manager
Jones, Mrs Margaret351019.03medsjon @ Administrator / PA to Head of School
Martin, Mr Nathan J351118.34N.J.Martin @ Support Officer
Rumble, Ms Olivia J351318.41O.J.Rumble @ Admissions Officer
Shuttleworth, Mrs Jeanne S351338.41J.S.Shuttleworth @ Admissions Officer
Steele, Ms Emma L326959.05E.L.Steele @ Assistant
Talbot, Mrs Paula388129.01P.Talbot @ Secretary
Tezgoren, Mrs Nese351309.01N.Tezgoren @
Torres, Mr Sebastian309458.33 s.d.torres @ Support Officer
Ugarte, Ms Heather J351408.34H.J.Ugarte @ Support Officer
West, Mrs Jane3512110.27 SATjanewest @ Officer
Yorke, Mr Edward30075 am / 35130 pm9.05staey @ Coordinator / Receptionist
Younis, Mr Haaroon339798.34H.Younis @ Support Officer
UK Maths Trust (
Bray, Ms Nicky J3993410.09 SATN.J.Bray @ Maths Challenge Administrator
Clark, Mrs E Janet3027610.30 SATE.J.Clark @ and Finance Administrator
Cummings, Mr Gerard I3859710.30 SATG.I.Cummings @ Assistant
Deteouf, Ms Bev A351188.72 ECSB.A.Deteouf @ Office Manager
Greenhalgh, Mrs Rachel E3993310.09 SATR.E.Airey @ of UKMT
Liptrot, Ms Sara3233910.30 SATS.Liptrot @
Macklin, Ms Heather J3792910.30 SATH.J.Macklin @ Officer
O'Hagan, Dr Steven W3769110.30 SATS.W.O'Hagan @ Director of UKMT
Raffle-Edwards, Mrs Shona3859810.30 SATS.Raffle @ Administrator
Roberts, Ms Mary351188.72 ECSM.Roberts @ Office Supervisor
Williams, Ms Jo E3923210.30 SATJ.E.Williams @ Assistant
Research Postgraduates - Pure Mathematics
Abumaryam,  Souad2009-mmsab @ VVK
Agarwal,  Lovkush20128.03mmla @ JKT
Ahmed,  Chwas20129.307mmcaa @ AWH, PPM, AEP
Alameer,  Amerah201410.20 SATmmaaal @ VVK
Albargi,  Amer201210.20 SATmmaal @ VVK
Alfadhli,  Amani201410.20 SATmmamal @ AEP, PPM
Alluqmani,  Eman201410.20 SATmmeaa @ AEP, PPM
Almalki,  Fadhel--ml12fma @
Almazaydeh,  Asma I--mmaia @
Barker,  Carolyn S--mmcsb @
Bashar Abusaksaka,  Aolo2010-ml09abab @ JRP
Bello Aguirre,  Ricardo20128.03mmriba @ HDM
Bennett-Tennenhaus,  Raphael20137.22mmrjmb @ WCB
Bondin,  Ingram2013-mmib @ SBC
Bradley-Williams,  David2009-mmdbbw @ HDM, JKT
Bullivant,  Alexander20137.22py09alb @ PPM, FWN
Carney,  Mark R--mm13mrc @
Cinar,  Gulden2013-mmgc @ JMS
Cook,  Jacob2011-mmjcoo @ MR
Cork,  Joshua20148.03mmjsc @ DGH
Dent,  Adam20148.03mmadjd @
Dihoum,  Eman20129.307mm09ed @ MR
Fairon,  Maxime--mmmfai @
Freund,  Anton20148.03mmajf @ MR
Gallozzi,  Cesare20148.03mmcg @ MR
Garcia Ramirez,  Erick201310.20 SATmmegr @ HDM, IH
Gay,  James20128.03mmjg @ SBC
Hilton,  Jacob20138.03mmjhh @ JKT
Hmaida,  Mufida Mohamed20138.03ml12mmah @ PPM, AEP
Hussein,  Ahmed20127.22mmabh @ AEP, PPM
Komatar,  Anja20138.03mmak @ JKT
Krombholz,  Martin20148.03mm13mrk @ MR, PS
Kucik,  Andrzej20137.22mmask @ JRP, AMR
Lanari,  Edoardo--mmel @
Larrea Schiavon,  Marco F--mmmfls @
Liddell,  Sarah E--mm10sal @
Meichanetzidis,  Konstantinos20137.22mmkm @ PPM
Mustafa,  Khawlah20147.22mmkam @ VVK
Oliver,  Joe--mmjlo @
Panasawatwong,  Supakun--mmspa @
Pires Dos Santos,  Rodrigo201110.20 SATmmrpds @ JMS
Riley,  James20128.03mm06jr @ SBC, JKT, AEML
Shah,  Amit--mmas @
Sigley,  Sarah E--mmses @
Siniora,  Daoud Nasri20138.03mmdns @ HDM, IH
Stenzel,  Raffael--mmrst @
Tattersall,  Joshua20119.307mmjmta @ JRP
Thomson,  Alec2012-mmiat @ MR
Toppel,  Michael20128.03mmmto @ MR
Toth,  David20149.309mmdt @ SBC
Trotter,  Steven20128.03mmst @ MDPD, VVK
Tseelon-Riis,  Milette--mm11mr @
Vidmar,  Jakob20148.03mmjv @ MR
Webster,  Isobel--mm09iw @
Whyman,  Richard20148.03mmrajw @ VVK
Wolf,  Daniel20128.03mmdaw @ HDM
Wong,  Marco2010-mmmsnw @ JMS
Zakaria,  Siti Fatimah201310.20 SATmmsfz @ PPM
Ziegler,  Albert2010-mmaz @ MR
Research Postgraduates - Applied Mathematics
Al-Nahdi,  Abeer2011ECS 7.75mm09asan @ JN, AMR
Alrihieli,  Haifaa F D--mmhfa @
Alsallami,  Shami20147.22mmsaa @ FWN, JN
Alyaseen,  May A--mmmaaa @
Balata,  Alessandro2015-bn14a5b @ JP
Berkeley,  George2012ECS 7.75mm08gb @ AVM
Boudara,  Victor201310.20 SATmmvahb @ DJR
Bowker,  Jordan20127.22mm08j2b @ DWH, EK
Cao,  Kai2015-mmkc @ DL
Carruthers,  Jonty E--mm11jc @
Cartwright,  Malcolm201210.20 SATmn11mc @ SAEGF, EK
Child,  Adam20138.03mm08ac @ RH, EK
Dawson,  Sarah2011-mm10sed @ SDG, SMT
De La Higuera Romero,  Luis201310.20 SATmmldlh @ GDL, CMP
Delice,  Neslihan2011-ml08n3k @ OC, FWN
Dyhoum,  Taysir20127.22mmted @ RGA, DL
Fairbairn,  Abigail20148.03mm09af @ MAK
Ferrarini,  Marco201410.20 SATmmmf @ GDL, CMP
Flouri,  Dimitra2012-mm08df @ DL
Fu,  Wei20148.03mmwf @ FWN
Gidel,  Floriane20148.03mmfg @ OB, RH
Hall,  Craig2011ECS 7.75py07ch @ RMLE
Hall,  Mathew--mm11mdh @
Haweil,  Laya20138.03ml11lyh @ JN, EK
Haworth,  Steven20127.22mmswh @ FWN, SR
Hazanee,  Areena-8.03mmah @
Hazlehurst,  Thomas20118.03mm07tah @ OGH
Hunter,  Samuel20117.22mat3sh @ SDG, DWH
Huntul,  Mousa2016-mmmjmh @ DL
Hussein,  Shilan20128.03ml10soh @ DL
Hussein,  Mohammed201210.20 SATmmmsh @ DL
Kent,  Thomas20138.03mmtk @ SMT, OB
Khalid,  Abdul20147.22mm10amk @ OC
King,  Steven20138.03mmsdk @ FWN
Kirk,  Joshua20148.03mmjk @ DWH, CAJ
Marquez Artavia,  Xiomara20148.03mmxmm @ SMT, CAJ
Mccabe,  Christopher20147.22sccm @ SMT
Mellor,  Andrew2013ECS 12.72mmasm @ MM, AMR, JW
Moulopoulou,  Erily20148.03mmeem @ OB
Peruzzo,  Fabio2015-mmfp @ SA, MM
Robins,  Luke20138.03mmljr @ EK, CAJ
Salwa,  Tomasz20149.309mmtjs @ MAK, OB
Sawicka,  Maria201210.20 SATmm11ms @ CMP, GDL, MM
Stana,  Remus L2015-mmrls @ GDL
Weston,  Daniela--mmdfmw @
Wood,  Jack2012-mm11jhw @ CAJ, SMT
Wright,  Patrick201410.20 SATjs10pw @ RS, JN
Zakaria,  Muhamad Najib20147.22mmmnbz @ SDG
Research Postgraduates - Statistics
Abushilah,  Samira20149.307mmsfha @ AG, CCT
Al Mohri,  Wafa20139.307ml10waja @ RGA, CCT
Alfaer,  Nada20127.22mmna @ RGA
Alfahad,  Mai201410.20 SATmmmfa @ JTK, KVM
Alghamdi,  Fatimah20149.309ml12f2a @ JPG, RGA
Alharthi,  Amirah2016-mmasja @ CCT, JV
Aljohani,  Hassan201110.20 SATml09h3a @ RGA, JTK
Aljuaid,  Aziz20149.309mmaasa @ JPG, CCT
Almulhim,  Fatimah20147.22mmfa @ CCT, PAT
Alqahtani,  Khaled20137.22mmkma @ AG, CCT
Alshahrani,  Mohammed20148.03mmmna @ AG, CCT
Alshanbari,  Huda Mohammed201310.20 SATml11h3ma @ SB, AG
Boateng,  Ignatius20147.22mm12ib @ JPG, JTK
Borg Inguanez,  Monique200910.20 SATmmmi @ JTK
Burdett,  Philippa2009-mm08pmb @ SB, KVM
Cironis,  Lukas-LIDAmmlc @
Domingo,  Dario--mmdd @
He,  Zeyu201310.20 SATfy08zh @ JP, GA, AYV
Higgins,  Thomas20157.22mm10th @ JTK, JPG
Nafisah,  Ibrahim20128.03ml08iai @ AG, CCT
Nooney,  Colleen20128.03js08cn @ SB, WRG, AG
Obi,  Jude20127.22mmojc @ JTK, PAT
Pope,  Christopher A-LIDAmm14cap @
Riley,  Anthony2010-mmadr @ WRG, JTK, KVM
Telford,  Alison J-LIDAmm11ajt @
Vionanda,  Dodi--mmdv @
Webster,  Mark201210.20 SATmm08mgw @ SB, JV
Zhao,  Xin-LIDAmmxzha @