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More than three-quarters of the graduate vacancies advertised this year by City investment banks and half the training contracts offered by the leading law firms are likely to be filled by graduates who have completed work experience with the employer.

High Fliers Research on “The Graduate Market in 2016"

Emma Barnes

Search Engine Optimisation Link Analyst

Emma Barnes studied for a BSc in Mathematics and graduated in 2010. She is now working as a Search Engine Optimisation Link Analyst.

What did you do after graduation?
I spent the first sixth months looking for work like mad, because I didn’t get started soon enough. Just before Christmas I managed to secure a job to start in January.

What is your current position?
After 3 months probation I’m officially a Link Analyst at an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) company called Branded3 Ltd.

What does your current role involve?
As a Link Analyst I work to improve my client’s web visibility. This involves building relationships with other webmasters in the relevant industry as well as keeping an eye on competitors. The end result improves my client’s algorithmic signals.

How do you use the knowledge you gained from your studies in your job?
I haven’t yet used my mathematical skills, but I’m being trained to being Google Analytics qualified. This means interpreting a lot of data!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Getting a job! Really I’ve enjoyed meeting new people – I’m really getting on with everyone in the office.

How do you think that maths graduates would benefit from following your chosen career?
Yes, it’s a relatively new industry so a lot of people don’t know it exists. And it’s very different from all the usual finance and audit options.

Why did you choose to study maths?
Maths has always been my strongest subject, and I love it to bits.

Why did you choose Leeds?
My partner lived in Harrogate, so Leeds was the closest university that offered a good Maths programme.

What do you think appeals most to students studying at Leeds’ School of Mathematics?
It’s a really good atmosphere, and a enough variety to keep you happy.

What would you say to other students thinking of coming to Leeds University?
Do, but make sure you work really hard.