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Dr Andrew D Brooke-Taylor

UAF in Pure Mathematics
Pure Mathematics

Contact details

Room: 9.10
Tel: +44 (0)113 3437101
Email: a.d.brooke-taylor @

Research interests

Set theory, especially its applications to category theory and algebraic topology.

Current postgraduate students

Stamatis Dimopoulos (2017)


Brooke-Taylor A, Rosický J Accessible images revisited Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, 145, 1327, 2017
View abstract

Brooke-Taylor AD, Fischer V, Friedman SD, Montoya DC Cardinal characteristics at in a small u (κ) model Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 168, 37-49, 2017
View abstract

Brooke-Taylor AD, Friedman SD Subcompact cardinals, squares, and stationary reflection Israel Journal of Mathematics, 197, 453-473, 2013
View abstract

Bagaria J, Brooke-Taylor A On colimits and elementary embeddings Journal of Symbolic Logic, 78, 562-578, 2013
View abstract

Brendle J; Brooke-Taylor A; Ng KM; Nies A An analogy between cardinal characteristics and highness properties of oraclesProceedings of the 13th Asian Logic Conference, ALC 2013, 1-28 2013
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Brooke-Taylor AD Indestructibility of Vopěnka's Principle Archive for Mathematical Logic, 50, 515-529, 2011
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Brooke-Taylor AD Large cardinals and definable well-orders on the universe Journal of Symbolic Logic, 74, 641-654, 2009
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Brooke-Taylor AD, Friedman SD Large cardinals and gap-1 morasses Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 159, 71-99, 2009
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Brooke-Taylor AD, Lowe B, Richter B Inhabitants of interesting subsets of the Bousfield lattice Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra
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Brooke-Taylor A; Miller S Complexity of a knot invariantPAMM, 899-900
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Brooke-Taylor AD, Brendle J, Friedman SD, Montoya D Cicho n's Diagram for uncountable cardinals Israel Journal of Mathematics