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Dr Vincent Caudrelier

Applied Mathematics

Contact details

Room: 9.304
Tel: +44 (0)113 3439522
Email: v.caudrelier @


Classical and quantum integrable systems
Classical and quantum inverse scattering method
Soliton equations
Boundaries and defects
Integrable PDEs on graphs
Yang-Baxter and reflection equations
Poisson-Lie groups and quantum groups

Research interests

I am interested in the area of Mathematical Physics known as integrable systems. They appear in all sorts of areas: classical and quantum mechanics, classical and quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, and in various forms: evolutionary models over discrete, semi-discrete or continuous spacetime or non-evolutionary. They share common features that are encapsulated in rich and important mathematical structures like Poisson-Lie groups, for classical integrable (field) theories and quantum groups, for quantum integrable (field) theories. The most famous equation related to these structures is the Yang-Baxter equation (classical or quantum).

They allow for exact solutions which have many applications in predicting exactly the physical behaviour of the systems they describe. For instance, correlation functions in quantum spin chains or long-time asymptotics of solutions of integrable PDEs can computed analytically and exactly. Typical domains of application are condensed matter physics, nonlinear waves dynamics in optics, fluid mechanics or plasma physics, 2D statistical models for percolation, etc.

My particular focus is on the study of the effect of boundaries and/or defects/impurities on solutions of these models. Recently, I have developed a scheme to formulate the inverse scattering method for integrable PDEs on (star) graphs.

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