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Dr Richard P Mann

UAF in Data Analytics

Contact details

Room: 11.09
Tel: +44 (0)113 3438988
Email: R.P.Mann @


Collective behaviour
Gaussian processes
Bayesian inference
Choice models
Social interactions
Collective intelligence

Research interests

My research focuses on the interface between theory and data in human and animal behaviour. My interest areas include decision-making, motion and collective self-organisation. Using Bayesian methods, machine-learning and agent-based models I aim to uncover how and why animals and humans behave the way they do.

Bayesian data analytics

I perform probabilistic model-based inference using Bayesian model selection, Gaussian process models, neural networks and hidden Markov models to test behavioural theories.

Collective behaviour

I study how animals and humans use social interaction rules to produce complex collective behaviour. Themes include collective self-organisation, collective intelligence and collective motion. My current focus is on how heterogeneity among group members contributes to the group's collective properties.

Individuality, crime and segregation

I am interested in why certain individuals commit crime at a much higher rate than others, what the spatial distributions of crimes tell us about the importance of the environment, and how individuals backgrounds, status and preferences play out to create a segregated society.

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Mann RP Prediction of homing pigeon flight paths using Gaussian processes