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Dr Rudolf H Tange

Pure Mathematics

Contact details

Room: 9.20
Tel: +44 (0)113 3439246
Email: R.H.Tange @


Lie theory
Positive characteristic
Representation theory
Invariant theory
Algebraic geometry
Ring theory

Research interests

I am interested in representations and invariants of algebraic groups like the general linear group; mostly in characteristic p, but also in characteristic 0. The representations of the symplectic groups are strongly connected with the representations of the Brauer algebras. I am also interested in algebraic group actions. Geometry can help to understand representation theory and the other way around.

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Current postgraduate students

Adam Dent (2014)


Tange RH Highest-weight vectors for the adjoint action of GLn on polynomials, II. Transformation Groups, 20, 817-830, 2015

Tange R Embeddings of spherical homogeneous spaces in characteristic p Mathematische Zeitchrift
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