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Dr Sandro Azaele

Applied Mathematics

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Room: 8.14
Tel: +44 (0)113 3438622
Email: S.Azaele @


Statistical Mechanics
Stochastic Processes
Complex Systems
Theoretical Ecology
Neutral Theory of Biodiversity
Mathematical Biology
Nonlinear Dynamics

Research interests

My research focuses on the mathematical modelling of biological systems, whether they be ecological communities or populations of isogenic cells. I have a deep interest in providing a quantitative explanation of general properties and patterns emerging from very different conditions and seemingly unrelated systems.

Living systems are far from equilibrium: they diffuse across the real space, looking for resources to survive, and diffuse across the genomic space as well, looking for new solutions to ever-changing problems entailed by the struggle for life. This twofold and coupled diffusion process spawns an extraordinary variety of collective behaviors, brings about irreversible phenomena, develops self-organization and generates universal patterns. Distilling such a biological complexity to the primary driving mechanisms represents a formidable challenge and orients my research. I study such problems with a combination of tools borrowed from non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, stochastic processes and non-linear dynamics.

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Personal webpage
Available PhD projects
MATH3365 - Mathematical Methods
MATH5366 - Advanced Mathematical Methods

Current postgraduate students

Joana Lisboa Brandao de Melo (2015)
Fabio Peruzzo (2015)


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