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Dr Richard H Elwes

Senior Teaching Fellow
Pure Mathematics

Contact details

Room: 11.06
Tel: +44 (0)113 3435864
Email: R.H.Elwes @

Research interests

My background is in model theory, part of mathematical logic with applications to algebra, but I have broad interests. Recently, I have become interested in the evolution of random processes, and in networks built by such processes. These are structures traditionally used by "applied" mathematicians to model real-world phenomena (such as the emergence of racial segregation, or the growth of the internet). I am interested in what we might be able to say about such structures using the "pure" mathematical language of combinatorics and logic.

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Barmpalias G, Elwes R, Lewis-Pye A Unperturbed Schelling Segregation in Two or Three Dimensions Journal of Statistical Physics, 164, 1460-1487, 2016
View abstract

Barmpalias G, Elwes R, Lewis-Pye A Tipping Points in 1-dimensional Schelling Models with Switching Agents Journal of Statistical Physics, 158, 806-852, 2015
View abstract

Barmpalias G; Elwes RH; Lewis-Pye A Digital Morphogenesis via Schelling SegregationIEEE Annual Symposium on Foundations of Computer Science, 156-165 2014
View abstract

Elwes RH, Jaligot, Macpherson HD Groups in supersimple and pseudofinite theories Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, 103, 1049-1082, 2011