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Prof Alastair M Rucklidge

Head of School of Mathematics
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics

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Room: 9.04
Tel: +44 (0)113 3435161
Email: A.M.Rucklidge @


Pattern formation
Mode interactions
Spatio-temporal chaos
Nonlinear and chaotic dynamics
Heteroclinic networks
Dynamo theory

Research interests

Regular patterns are ubiquitous in nature, and their formation and stability is governed by the intricate interactions of symmetry and nonlinearity. My research aims to understand how the nonlinear interaction of waves in different directions leads to the formation of (for example) quasipatterns (one of the outstanding problems of pattern formation), spatio-temporal chaos and other forms of chaotic dynamics. My work ranges from quantitative explanations of fluid dynamics experiments and large-scale numerical solutions of the equations for convection with magnetic fields, through developing new models for understanding mode interactions, to new ideas on heteroclinic networks, and existence proofs for quasipatterns.

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Current postgraduate students

Haifaa Alrihieli (2016)


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