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Dr Alison E Parker

Associate Professor
Pure Mathematics

Contact details

Room: 8.28
Tel: +44 (0)113 3435126
Email: A.E.Parker @


Diagram algebras
Schur algebras
Representation theory
Algebraic groups

Research interests

The main area I am interested in is the modular representation theory of algebraic groups. This has connections with representation theory for the symmetric groups. In particular I am looking at homological properties of Schur algebras (S(n,r)) and quasi-hereditary algebras. I also look at diagram algebras and quasi-hereditary algebras. Recent results involve looking at growth rates for cohomology for algebraic groups.

Current postgraduate students

Amani Alfadhli (2014)
Eman Alluqmani (2014)
Ahmed Hussein (2012)


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