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Prof Carmen Molina-Paris

Professor in Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics

Contact details

Room: Satellite 10.21
Tel: +44 (0)113 3435151
Email: C.MolinaParis @


Quantum field theory
Early universe
Applied mathematics
Stochastic Markov processes
T cell development
T cell receptor signalling
T cell receptor diversity
Thymic selection

Prof Carmen Molina-Paris

Research interests

My main current interest is modelling immune responses.

Three main themes are of special interest:

[1] T cell receptor-ligand binding and T cell receptor

signalling, What determines the ability of T cells

to discriminate different antigens.

[2] Size and receptor diversity of the different T cell populations.

[3] Interactions, in vivo and in real time, between dendritic cells (that display antigens on their membrane) and T cells (that display on their membrane T cell receptors).

As a theoretical physicist I am interested in understanding particle production in the Early Universe and the validity of the semi-classical approximation to Einstein's equation.

Postgraduate students

Luis De La Higuera Romero (2013)
Marco Ferrarini (2014)
Maria Sawicka (2012)
Amy Westerman (2014)

Selected publications

Cosmological horizon modes and linear response in de Sitter spacetime. Anderson, P.R. and Molina-Paris, C. and Mottola, E. Physical Review D 80, 084005 (2009).

Backtracking and proofreading in DNA transcription. Voliotis, M. and Cohen, N. and Molina-Paris, C. and Liverpool, T.B. Physical review letters 102, 258101 (2009).

Stochastic niche structure and diversity maintenance in the T cell repertoire, Stirk, E.R. and Molina-Paris, C. and van den Berg, H.A. Journal of theoretical biology 255,

237-249 (2008).

Differential trafficking of Kif5c on tyrosinated and detyrosinated microtubules in live cells. Dunn, S. and Morrison, E.E. and Liverpool, T.B. and Molina-Paris, C. and Cross, R.A. and Alonso, M.C. and Peckham, M, Journal of cell science 121, 1085 (2008).