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Dr Stephen D Griffiths

Applied Mathematics

Contact details

Room: 8.25
Tel: +44 (0)113 3435186
Email: S.D.Griffiths @


Applied mathematics
Numerical modelling
Fluid dynamics
Linear and nonlinear waves
Mathematical geosciences
Atmospheric and oceanic flows
Stability and instability theory
Ocean tides

Research interests

My research lies within the mathematical geosciences, and is mainly oriented towards the fluid dynamics of the Earth's atmosphere and ocean. My aims are to understand observed dynamical phenomena, either by numerical simulations or through mathematical analysis of simplified theoretical models. Particular interests are:

Instability theory: analytical and numerical modelling of linear and nonlinear instabilities in rotating, stratified shear flows.

Nonlinear waves: analytical and numerical modelling of coupled nonlinear wave equations.

Waves in the atmosphere and ocean: analytical and numerical modelling; internal waves; equatorial waves.

Ocean tides: global numerical modelling; regional numerical modelling of internal tides; paleotides and climate; ice-tide interactions.

Martian dynamics: numerical modelling of subsurface temperature and ice.

Numerical methods: finite-difference schemes in irregular domains.

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Current postgraduate students

Thomas Goodfellow (2014)
Oliver Halliday (2014)
Lucy Recchia (2016)
Daniel Rumgay (2016)
Sam Williams (2014)
Muhamad Najib Zakaria (2014)


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