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Joanne Housley

A Tutor for Kaplan Financial, a leading provider of accountancy tuition

After graduating in 2004 Joanne Housley spent five years working as a Chartered Accountant. Since then she has been pursuing a career as a Tutor at Kaplan Financial.

What did you do after graduation?
I worked as a Claims Advisor for a while to save up and travel around Europe. I then commenced a graduate training programme with Deloitte in 2005. This lasted for 3 years and undertook the ACA exams and became a qualified chartered accountant. I worked in the audit department and travelled to clients all over the country from Bath to Southampton and London. A favourite client was Fox’s biscuits due to the freebies involved! Work also comprised of running the netball team and becoming a facilitator to run in house training courses.

What is your current position?
I left Deloitte in 2010 and became a tutor at Kaplan Financial, a leading provider of accountancy tuition. I had studied here during my accountancy qualification and had really enjoyed training at Deloitte, so much so that I wanted to do it full time.

What does your current role involve?
I teach a number of different accountancy qualifications, AAT, ACA, ACCA and CIPFA. The teaching I do comprises of classroom and also live online lectures. We are available to students for queries and also mark work and invigilate exams occasionally. I manage one of our main clients as a point of contact and also have other responsibilities in the Leeds office.

How do you use the knowledge you gained from your studies in your job?
Accountancy is an inherently mathematical profession and although university mathematics is beyond a lot of what we cover here, I feel that having such a good grounding in maths and financial maths particularly, stands me in very good stead. The students must feel that they are confident in our knowledge to give them confidence in their exams.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
Achieving my ACA qualification was a fantastic milestone. Since beginning teaching the first lot of feedback and exam results received from my students was a highlight, it is amazing see and celebrate the learners delight when they achieve their goals.

How do you think that maths graduates would benefit from following your chosen career?
The graduate program I followed gave a really good insight into business and I learnt a large amount in a short space of time. The ACA is an excellent qualification for anyone wanting to follow a career in business and audit enables you to get out to a lot of different businesses and learn about them all along the way.

Why did you choose to study at Leeds?
There were very few universities that offered the maths and finance degree and when I visited Leeds I loved the proximity of the university to the city centre. The chance to live in a city was exciting as I had grown up in a little village. I still live in Leeds today!

What are your favourite memories of studying at Leeds?
My favourite memories are of the friendships I made during my time in Leeds, we shared so much, lectures, living together, dance society, and of course fancy dress Otley Runs! My best friendships are those made at University because of the fantastic city and environment we all lived in.

What do you think appeals most to students studying at Leeds’ School of Mathematics?
The University and the city have so much to offer. The endless societies and opportunities available at the university are second to none and the now improved sports centre is sure to attract a lot of people. Leeds is a highly regarded university so students can be sure their degree will be well regarded and lead to an excellent career.

What would you say to other students thinking of coming to Leeds University?
Do it! The experience is what you make of it and there is lots of fun to be had and lots to be learnt in Leeds both in terms of academic pursuits and life experience.