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Children loved Marble Mazes at the Festival of Science - even commented on how it was more enjoyable than their x-box!

Carr Manor Primary
Leeds Pop Maths Quiz

Leeds Pop Maths Quiz

The PopMaths Quiz is similar to a pub quiz but all the questions relate to maths and are suitable for Years 7 and 8. Schools can take part in this fun event with teams of up to 6 pupils who will be asked 20 questions over the course of an hour. At the end of the quiz the teams submit their answers on the form provided, keeping a copy for themselves. The answers are read out one by one and teams must mark their own answer sheet. 

The winner is the team with the most correct answers and if there is a tie, a further question will be asked in order to find a winner. The next event will take place 4th March 2017.

Some of our previous quizzers commented:

“It was challenging and I learnt a lot”
“It was a bit tricky but it helped us work as a team”
“Gave my brain a real work out”

For further information or to register a team please e-mail