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Grant success

14 March 2012

Professors David Hughes and Chris Jones have recently been awarded a 3-year grant from NERC.

Paleomagnetic records provide a long history of the Earth's magnetic field, revealing that it remains of one polarity for long epochs, separated by relatively short periods during which it reverses. Understanding this behaviour is one of the major challenges of geomagnetism.

The project will explore this problem through a detailed study of the dynamo processes that occur in the Earth's liquid metal outer core and that maintain the magnetic field. The latest massively parallel computers will be used to explore the region in parameter space where reversals are most likely, with the aim being to improve our understanding of the essential physical mechanisms involved.

Honoured in Bulgaria

14 November 2011

Professor Barry Cooper received an honorary degree from the University of Sofia, Bulgaria on the 27th October 2011.

As a part of his visit to Sofia Prof Cooper gave a public lecture entitiled "Computing in an Incomputable World".

Perfect plastic

4 October 2011

Researchers from the School of Mathematics have developed a computational model which predicts the flow behaviour of plastics from the chemistry that is used to make them, allowing experts to create the 'perfect plastic' with specific uses and properties by using a high-tech 'recipe book'.

The work was published in Science on 30th September.

Dr Daniel Read, who led the research, said "Plastics are used by everybody, every day, but until now their production has been effectively guesswork. This breakthrough means that new plastics can be created more efficiently and with a specific use in mind, with benefits to industry and the environment."

More details can be found on the University website and news coverage can bee seen at:



SET success

26 September 2011

Claire McIlroy has won Best Mathematics Student of the year in the 2011 Science, Engineering & Technology Student of the Year Awards.

These prestigious awards recognise outstanding undergraduate achievement. Claire's project, supervised by Oliver Harlen, was on the break up of polymeric fluids

Claire received her award at a Presentation Ceremony in London on 23rd September.

(With thanks to Cyril Bruneau for the photograph)

Royal Society award

12 September 2011

Professor Frank Nijhoff has been appointed a Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellow by the Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science.

The award releases Prof Nijhoff from teaching and administration, allowing him to concentrate on his work on Lagrangian multiform theory for integrable discrete and continuous systems.

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