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More than three-quarters of the graduate vacancies advertised this year by City investment banks and half the training contracts offered by the leading law firms are likely to be filled by graduates who have completed work experience with the employer.

High Fliers Research on “The Graduate Market in 2016"

Mathematics can take you wherever you want to go

Maths can take you anywhere

Careers & employment

A mathematics degree can take you down many career paths into some of the highest paid and most satisfying roles in employment.

In virtually all areas of life - science, industry and commerce, community, design, engineering, manufacturing and finance - maths is a skill that is valued highly by employers. A maths degree will not only equip you with subject-specific knowledge, but also with analytical skills, as well as writing, problem-solving, presentation, communication, team-working and computing skills.

See how we can help you to develop the skills to be successful in your chosen area of employment. Or how about starting your own business? We can even help you to do that through our Enterprise Scholars scheme.

Top tip
You can get some great work experience which can be featured on your CV through a summer job, internship, or via our Industrial Placement scheme. This can really help you stand out from the crowd.

Please see our 'Top tips and advice' webpage for more help.

Developing skills for work

This academic year a new module was introduced for second year students, called 'Maths at Work'.  The module focuses on improving skills used in a work environment.  This is done through a group project, which involves team work, communication and presentation skills.  Also, throughout the course, employers and careers advisers deliver talks.  One example of a project resulting from the module is 'Inside Google'.

The coolest job on Earth

We recently documented the adventures of our Maths graduate Kath Leavy as she traveled to Antarctica  for her job with the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Read her story

Maths graduate adventures to Antarctica

Maths career profiles

Below you will find a number of career profiles in areas where our graduates have been employed: