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Awarded in recognition of our commitment to equality for women in mathematics and science.

Mathematics provides the structure for creative thought

School of Mathematics

MSc Data Science and Analytics

New for 2016 entry
A course that will develop core skills in the management and use of big data sets, with pathways in business management, healthcare and GIS.

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Broaden your academic horizons

As part of your studies at Leeds you will have the opportunity to broaden your knowledge outside your main degree subject through our Discovery Modules.

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CoSyDy (Complex Systems Dynamics) Network Meeting, 12 May 2016

The subject of the meeting is 'Dynamics of Agent-Based Models'. We hope that the meeting will stimulate discussion around the challenges facing agent-based modellers whose backgrounds range from mathematics to the social sciences.

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Löb Lecture, Prof Dana Scott, 18 May 2016

Professor Dana S. Scott will visit Leeds to deliver the Löb Lecture, "Why Mathematical Proof?", on 18th May.

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Prof Houwing-Duistermaat: Inaugural Lecture, 14 June 2016

Professor Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat will present an Inaugural Lecture on "Statistics and Data (Analytics): You cannot have one without the other." This is a free public lecture open to everyone. If you are interested in attending then please register through our Eventbrite page

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Representation Theory and Physics, 18 - 22 July, 2016
This conference will bring together experts from Lie theory and statistical mechanics to explore the rich interface of these two areas.

Logic Colloquium, 31 July - 6 August, 2016
This is organised under the auspices of the Association for Symbolic Logic. There will be 12 plenary speakers, one of whom will give the Gödel Lecture.

Forthcoming seminars

Full details can be found on our seminars page.

Wed 4th May, 3:00 PM
Geometry Seminars
Equivariant minimal surfaces in the complex hyperbolic plane and their Higgs bundles
Ian McIntosh (York)
Venue: Roger Stevens LT12

Wed 4th May, 4:00 PM
Logic Seminars
A coalgebraic view of Bar Induction and Bar Recursion
Venanzio Capretta (University of Nottingham)
Venue: MALL 1

Thu 5th May, 2:00 PM
Probability, Stochastic Modelling and Financial Mathematics
Electricity storage: Arbitrage, Competition and Social Welfare
James Cruise (Heriot Watt)
Venue: MALL 1

Thu 5th May, 4:00 PM
Fluids and MHD seminars
Mesoscale Ocean Large Eddy Simulations
Baylor Fox-Kemper ( Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences, Brown University)
Venue: MALL 1 & 2

Fri 6th May, 4:00 PM
Integrable Systems Seminar
Heun equation, Painleve equation and ultradiscretisation
Kouichi Takemura (Chuo University/Leeds)
Venue: MALL 1

Mon 9th May, 3:30 PM
Applied Maths
Synchronization of Cilia
Prof Ray Goldstein, FRS (DAMTP, University of Cambridge)
Venue: MALL 1 & 2

Mon 9th May, 4:00 PM
Pure Colloquium
John Barrett (Nottingham)
Venue: EC Stoner 9.301 (Physics Research Deck)

Tue 10th May, 4:30 PM
Integrable Systems Seminar
Higher Pentagram Maps via Cluster Mutations and Networks on Surfaces
Michael Gekhtman (Notre Dame)
Venue: MALL 1


Modelling the maths behind wave motion to aid sea rescues 

A mathematical model developed at the University of Leeds could make it possible to design safer versions of the 'fast ships' used in many vital offshore operations.

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School of Mathematics refurbishment officially declared open 

At a ceremony on Friday 18 September the Vice Chancellor Sir Alan Langlands officially declared the third and final stage of the School of Mathematics refurbishment open.

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Leeds for Life Foundation award winner 
2nd year student Katrina Pugh has been awarded a Leeds for Life Foundation award to help fund her project working with children with learning difficulties.

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Postgraduate Teaching Award winner
Congratulations to Daniel Wolf, a PhD student in Pure Mathematics, who received the award in recognition of his contribution to taught student education as a module assistant while conducting his own research.

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