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Yue (Yvonne) Yang

BSc Maths with Finance - third year student

Where are you from?
I come from Qingdao in China.

Why did you choose this course?
Because I like Mathematics and my father asked me to do Finance so I picked Maths with Finance, actually I think that it will be quite good for my  future.

You’ve been here three years, what do you like most about your course?
I like the structure of the course because most other universities if you want to study Financial Mathematics, you actually just study mathematics. They don’t offer a pure Finance and pure Mathematics course. Here they have two thirds Mathematics and one third pure Finance and economics which is quite different to other institutions.  That is why I picked this course and why I like it. 

What skills do you think you’re going to learn, apart from the Maths and Finance?
Yes of course, not only mathematics skills which are applied in finance, like numerical parts and stochastic which is very useful. Also the optimization, they teach us how to maximise the profit to make some money which is quite interesting. I think that will help my future.

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?
It’s a good city actually and it’s quite good how we have everything here like the supermarket, bank and a Chinese supermarket and also the campus is quite near the city centre, which is very convenient. Leeds is also an important financial centre in the UK, so they have KPMG and other big financial companies.  My uncle lived in Leeds for ten years so before I decided to come here I asked him and he said it was a very good university and he came for  the open day for me and he said Leeds has a good campus and it’s a good university and so I came here.

How would you describe life as a student here at Leeds?
I’ve met many different people and I have made lots of friends here. We shared the experience with each other and we have each other for support. The Student Union is also very good here and they have a lot of different societies. Also the international student office helps out a lot. I really enjoy my life here.

Do you have any favourite memories of Leeds so far?
I enjoyed my second year because we had optional modules we can pick up if you would like to learn. The lecturers are very helpful. I go to their office every week and ask them questions and they are very helpful and patient. I also have good memories of my friends and we help each other too.

Are you part of PAL - the peer mentoring scheme? Do you have assistance from other students?
I am a mentor for two other students at the moment through the PAL mentoring scheme. We meet up every week and have a one hour class and help with homework and I help them if they have questions, we can have a discussion. We don’t give them the answers but we help them solve the answers by themselves. When I really help someone I feel very happy because I know that I learnt something and that I can help others. In the introduction week we showed them around the University and told them about our experiences which was good. I also made a new friend doing that.

What do you like best about your School or Department?
I like the new satellite here. It’s very good. I lots of different things about the Department. There are self-study areas and space for us to discuss and help each other.

What do you like to do outside of studying?
I started doing Yoga in the sports centre last year and also we play badminton in the sports centre as well. I also like the shops here because it is all quite new and  there are many top brands here and many stores.

What do you plan to do at the end of your course?
I’m applying for a Masters at the moment and I have received an offer from Warwick University yesterday. I want to apply for Leeds but I haven’t decided which course because there are so many choices. I am interested in the MSc Statistics with Applications to Finance and the Financial Maths course which is run with the Business School. It’s hard to decide which course to take.

And after that? Are you planning a career? What will happen after your Masters degree?
I think I want to go into Banking. I hope I can get a job in it because it’s very challenging. My parents work in banking actually and so that helps because I know something about it and I could get an internship in a bank last Easter holiday.

What would you say to anyone thinking of applying to Leeds and applying to the Maths department?
It’s a good opportunity just being here, you can get great experience and it was worth spending three years here. I have learnt something and not only maths and finance but also business techniques and also how to help each other. Just come here, it’s really very good.