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Mausam Rai

BSc Actuarial Mathematics

Why did you choose to study Actuarial Mathematics?
I really enjoyed Mathematics in A-level and I like how you will always get a definite answer in maths. Financial side of the business also interested me a lot and I wanted to study something that combined the two hence I chose Actuarial Mathematics.
Did you visit us on an open day? Did you find that experience helpful in making your decision?
I visited Leeds on an open day and it helped me to decide Leeds as my first choice as the staff of the faculties were really nice and the city itself is beautiful and vibrant.

Has your course lived up to your expectations so far?
Yes definitely! You study a lot of exciting different modules such as Time series where you learn to forecast from using previous data, Actuarial maths 1 and 2 gives you an insight on calculating insurance premiums and you can also choose to advance on economics or accounting. The course is challenging however the modules are very interesting.

What do you enjoy most about your course?
In final year, you take a 20 credit project module which is an independent module with guidance from a supervisor. I enjoyed it the most as you can take full control of the project and apply what you have learned so far in your project. I did my project on volatility of foreign exchange rate.

Which aspect of Mathematics do you find the most interesting?
I like how in third year you combine everything you have learnt and it all makes sense. You can also see how you can apply the things you learned in the real world for example forecasting water level in a pond in the next two months, offering advice on which company to invest in and calculating premiums for an assurance. You will also get practical experience in using R statistical programming language which I enjoyed a lot as I never had any experience of coding before. 

How would you describe your lecturers and tutors?
All of the lecturers and tutors are really friendly and will help you in their office hours. They always want you to succeed so don’t be shy to ask for help or ask about anything even if you might think is simple.

Have you taken advantage of the flexibility of your course and enrolled in any discovery modules outside of Mathematics?
Actuarial Mathematics is a niche course so the course program is very rigid. First year you take 120 credit worth of compulsory module which will give you a good foundation for maths, economics and accounting. Second year you can choose few electives and final year there are more electives to choose from however there is no option to choose discovery module. If you enjoy the course you will never feel the need for a discovery module.

Have you joined any clubs and societies on campus?
Yes, in my first year I was a member of badminton and Tae-kwon-do society. In my second year I was the Treasurer of the Tae-kwon-do Society and a member of RAG (Raise and Give) through which I participated in skydiving for Alzheimer’s Society.

What would you say to anyone thinking of applying to your course?
If you enjoy a challenge and like solving very intricate problems then this is the course for you! If you fancy seeing yourself as a forecaster then this is the course for you! This is an extremely challenging course but you will never be bored of the modules and it is highly rewarding.