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Degree courses

Our degree courses range from the popular Mathematics course, which can be studied in a three year (BSc) or four year (MMath) programme, to the more specialised Mathematics with Finance, Actuarial Mathematics and Mathematics and Statistics pathways and our broader Mathematical Studies course. 

Courses with a high statistics content are accredited by the Royal Statistical Society.

We also offer a wide range of joint honours programmes, some of which are parented by the School of Mathematics and some of which are looked after by other Schools around the University.

Each programme offers many choices at the module level so that you can focus your studies on the areas of mathematics that interest you most, with options to study overseas or spend a year in industry.

Degree courses at the School of Mathematics
CourseLengthUCAS codeTypical offer
Mathematics (MMath,BSc)4 yearsG101AAA
Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsG100AAA
Mathematics with Finance
Mathematics with Finance (BSc)3 yearsG1N3AAA
Actuarial Mathematics
Actuarial Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsNG31AAA
Mathematical Studies
Mathematical Studies (BSc)3 yearsG150AAA
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics and Statistics (MMath,BSc)4 yearsGG1HAAA
Mathematics and Statistics (BSc)3 yearsGG13AAA
Mathematics Joint Honours
Biology and Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsCG11AAB
Economics and Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsGL11AAA
Management and Mathematics (BSc)          3 yearsGN12AAA
Mathematics and Music (BSc)3 yearsGW13AAB

In addition to the joint honours courses detailed above, there are a number of other courses where mathematics is combined with other subjects. These additional courses are parented by other schools across the University and are listed below;

CourseLengthUCAS codeTypical offer
Other subjects
Chemistry and Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsFG11AAA
French and Mathematics (BSc)4 yearsGR11AAB
German and Mathematics (BSc)4 yearsGR12AAB
Natural Sciences (MNatSci, BSc)4 yearsBCF0A*AA
Mathematics and Philosophy (BSc)3 yearsGVC5AAB
Theoretical Physics (MPhys)4 yearsF340AAA
Geography with Environmental Mathematics (BSc)3 yearsFG80AAB
Computer Science with Mathematics (BSc/MSci, BSc)3 years/4 yearsG4G1/G4G2AAA