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Carmen Molina-Paris

Professor in Applied Mathematics

Carmen Molina-Paris
"I am interested in developing mathematical models, in close collaboration with immunologists, that help us understand the molecular mechanisms behind immune responses: what determines the size and receptor diversity of T and B cells. Stochastic Markov process are extremely useful to describe the time evolution of different immune cell populations."

Research impact

Impact is at the heart of all the research activities we undertake in the School of Mathematics at Leeds. We aim to use our knowledge and expertise to improve the world we live in and understand more about it.

Below are a few examples of the research we are undertaking and the impact it has had.

Statistical shape analysis of images of the human brain and its use in the criminal justice system and beyond

Astrophysical research leads to reversal of NASA panel prediction of solar activity

Modelling of polymer flow drives cheaper product development in the chemical industry

Simulation software assists leading UK inkjet companies in technology development

Gaining customer insights and generating revenue using statistical modelling.