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Carmen Molina-Paris

Professor in Applied Mathematics

Carmen Molina-Paris
"I am interested in developing mathematical models, in close collaboration with immunologists, that help us understand the molecular mechanisms behind immune responses: what determines the size and receptor diversity of T and B cells. Stochastic Markov process are extremely useful to describe the time evolution of different immune cell populations."

Financial Mathematics

Financial mathematics

Welcome to the Financial Mathematics group at the University of Leeds - a leading team working on random and behavioural equilibrium models in mathematical financial economics.

Understanding markets to deliver mathematical tools and models for making sound decisions in financial investment and risk management is at the core of our research. We work predominantly in mathematics (stochastic analysis, stochastic control, random dynamical systems), financial economics, mathematical economics and computer science. Often our research combines several fields, providing novel approaches to capture the interdependence between investor behaviour and market dynamics.

Current interdisciplinary work explores the application of evolutionary principles to explain the dynamics modern financial markets, which has a large and mostly unexplored potential.

The financial mathematics group works closely with Leeds University Business School and has excellent international collaborations. Our flagship programme is the taught-postgraduate MSc Financial Mathematics.